Book Title:"The Woman"
Author:David Bishop
Published By:Telemachus Press
Age Recommended:18 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5

Review:This book was fantastic and really packed a punch. Equal parts mystery and thriller this book also shows the darker side of politics and the lengths some will go to, to insure the 'right' candidate wins. When Lisa Darby is attacked one night after a scheduled meeting with a close friend ends in a no-show, in a dark alley she meets a stranger that saves her life from men sent to kidnap her. The only clue she is left with is a message from her savior that she should refrain from calling the cops. Confused and not knowing what to do she actively begins to seek out her friend only to find that Cynthia has been 'taken care of' by a mysterious person or people.

Lisa is forced to change her way of thinking, her life and everything she is use to simply to keep herself alive from someone that wants to make sure she doesn't know his true identity. The worst part is, Lisa doesn't know anything, was never told anything and she's running for her life, relying on the safety of a stranger for reasons she can't understand.

David Bishop spins an intriguing and exciting tale, one that mystery and thriller lovers will enjoy! This book was fast-paced with non-stop action and a plot to really sink your teeth into. I would definitely recommend giving this one a read!

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