I have never really been a fan of the sparkly winged fairies unless they were part of fairytales; but the fairies in Inara Scott's book are much more than your sweet, winged, brightly colored variety. The portrayal of fairies, especially the ones of the female persuasion, are out to bring human men to their knees... literally.

In this tale of Kaia, a fairy queen's handmaiden, she is sent to dispense justice on one male in particular. the only problem is, what has he done to deserve her mistress's wrath and what happens when Kaia decides she may not want to grant her queen's wishes after all?

I ended up enjoying this story far more than I anticipated. Not only does it have that spark of fairy glamour, but it also has enough steamy, erotic, love scenes to appeal to the wild side of any woman's nature.

4.5 Ravens!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud / http://www.greatmindsliterarycommunity.moonfruit.com/

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