Book Title: "Call Me When You Land"
Author: Michael Schiavone
Published By: The Permanent Press
Age Recommended: 18 +
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5

Review: I was captured by this book and propelled forward from the very start. The story is one familiar to a lot of us, a mother with a teenage son, whose father has disappeared with the desire to chase his own dreams and never once looking back. The story touched me so deeply because I knew this story, though my own story never carried out to the complete detail this one did, I was a 23 year old with a child and it made me wonder how it would have been for me had my own daughter lived to see her teenage years.

Katie goes through so much emotional heartache, trying hard to raise her son, C.J. with respect and longs to be a part of his life. When she realizes suddenly that she is losing him to puberty, growing up, and life in general she is tossed into her own midlife crisis much earlier than many of us are. Seeking advice and solace from an uncle that lives in the home with them, she begins to turn to alcohol to replace some of what she feels she has lost with her son. She is a painter, a wonderful artist that captures her emotions on the canvas with such clarity you can see the story of her life unfold as you catch a glimpse of her work in your mind.

Michael Schiavone has woven a tale of truth and the human condition, what it’s like to be an unwed mother trying so hard to find the place she belongs, just some sort of niche she can fill in her son’s life and when his father dies leaving him a motorcycle she realizes at last the only thing she can do is allow him to go, and find himself first.
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