Thank you again for donating a book for the "Literary Stuffings" giveaway. Can you tell us more about the book you donated?

I've actually donated three. AINE and the sequel, FAERIE FOLK are about a high school girl who discovers she is a faerie on her sixteenth birthday and travels to Ireland to claim her destiny. AINE is about her when she first finds out the truth and FAERIE FOLK is about a dark faerie named Grianne who wants to kill Aine in order to become the faerie queen. The third book I donated is NINA and Nina is a 17 year old girl who's father is blamed for setting an explosion at a chemical plant that kills over 100 people. Nina is sure her father, who is now on the run, didn't do it and she sets out to prove his innocence. On the way she finds out something about her past that turns her world upside down. And, no, she's not a faerie! Nina takes place in Quebec, Canada. I visited there a few years ago and fell in love with it. I was in Montreal for three days and in Quebec City for five days. I loved Quebec City, the people were so friendly, the streets were filled with interesting shops and restaurants and I took a ride on a boat down the St. Lawrence River! It's so filled with history I soaked it all up! So, I decided to set one of my books there. You know what they say about writers, be careful or you'll end up in my novel!

This time of year is usually a warm and happy time with friends and family, how do you usually spend Thanksgiving every year?

It all depends, usually I just make a dinner for me and my daughters (twins in college) and we watch movies. If my daughters are not with me, it's just another day for me. One of my traditions is to make sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top.

Can you remember one of your most happiest Thanksgivings?

Well, maybe the most memorable. I burned the sweet potatoes and smoke filled the kitchen. LOL. I put the sweet potatoes with marshmellows under the broiler to cook the marshmellows a bit and forgot about them! When the smoke alarm went off, I knew what happened. Needless to say, we went without our sweet potatoes that year.

What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Four day weekend with my daughters.

Some families have traditions they do every year, does your family have a tradition that goes along with Thanksgiving?

No, we avoid the shopping and crowds and just chill out.

Food is always one of the biggest things about this time of year, do you have a favorite desert or even a recipe you'd like to share with us?

I mentioned my sweet potatoes. Peel and cook potatoes in a saucepan, when they are done, mash them with butter and brown sugar. Put them into a baking dish. Sprinkle tiny marshmellows on top and put under the broiler until the marshmellows are brown. They brown up quickly so keep an eye on them! I also make homemade cranberry relish with cranberries, sugar and oranges. I put the cranberries in a food processor along with some orange juice, swirl them around, add sugar to taste and there you go!

There are so many ways to cook a turkey, does your family have a special way of getting the big bird ready, perhaps a special ingredient or stuffing?

Usually we cook salmon for our Thanksgiving dinner. We aren't big fans of turkey.

After eating all that food and settling in for the evening what do you do with the time that's left before bed?

We watch movies. We are big movie fans so we like to watch whatever we can. We make a batch of hot air popcorn with butter and settle in to watch something. If there is a new movie out we want to see, we'll go to the cinema, otherwise we are at home. It all depends on the weather. Thanksgiving in Michigan can be snowy!

Is there any other information you'd care to share with us about your books that are out now or any upcoming novels?

I just released a murder mystery called IF IT'S MONDAY, IT MUST BE MURDER! from Gypsy Shadow Publishing. It's available as an ebook on Amazon. I have a YA historical called FITZROY: THE BOY WHO WOULD BE KING about the illegitimate son of Henry VIII if you like historical fiction. I have a YA faerie novel called LORE OF FEI coming out in April, 2012 from Muse It Up Publishing. All of my books are available on Amazon. I also have a website that lists my latest news. It's http://www.gaelicfairie.webs.com. I have book trailers on You Tube. I have fan page on Facebook as Witch Hunter. I am on Twitter as @kathleea.

I just finished another historical YA inspired by the King Arthur legend and another YA that is a space opera also inspired by King Arthur. I am busy doing NaNoWriMo---30 days and nights of literary abandon---writing a vampire novel. I have a contemporary YA novel about a girl who feels invisible, It has a humourous slant to it. My agent is shopping that one around to editors/publishers.

Thanks for interviewing me!
Take Care, Kathleen

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