Book Title:"Open Wounds"
Author:Joseph Lunievicz
Published By:Westside Books
Age Recommended:15 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5

Review:I feel "Open Wounds" is one of the greatest adventure books I've ever read. I have never given much thought to the art of fencing nor have I paid close attention to some of those old movies where such an art is or was used often, this book made me sit up and take notice. The story in and of itself is one of a timeless nature that can remind you what it was like to be a kid and what true friendship really meant. It is a coming of age story as well as a story that shows you are what you want yourself to be, not what your parents or others make you. It's a book about overcoming the obstacles that try to drag you down in life and rising above to become something great, to become your own person and to show the world your worth.

The characters in this book are alive and vivid, you get the sense of being right there with them, living through their era and knowing what it was like to be surviving in one of the hardest times in history. The setting is placed during World War II at the cusp of immigration when so many have come to America to escape the overbearing presence of Hitler and his crusade for World domination. It's hard to believe that these times were once the norm and even though a lot of the immigrants came to America for the same reasons they still were at odds over religion, race, ethnicity, and creed. It was a time when friends made, were friends earned and often they remained friends for life.

There is a rich history to this novel as well as a story that is emotional, exciting, and will have you cheering long and hard for Cedric Wyman. I urge you to take this time machine back in history and allow your imagination to become one with Cedric as he takes you on a journey you will not soon forget. Joseph Lunievicz has written a novel that could easily become a classic and I hope to see more from this amazing writer. Though this book is written for the young adult genre I would caution parents to not give this book to children under the age of 15, due to minimum graphic language and a few graphic scenes seen through the mind of young Cedric. This is a book well worth its 5 Ravens and if I were able I'd give it many more.

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