This story was amazing and another extremely creative authors insight into supernatural's that have not been touched upon. I found it imaginative and new. The characters in this book are somewhat like angels in some aspects but with a very ancient twist that makes their lineage more of a mystery. I loved the way the author used aspects of the Incan race in her story and I believe this is the first novel I have ever read that dealt with 'energy vampires'. One thing that really drew me in was the fact she did not make her characters invincible as though they were god's instead they had the very real possibility of losing their life by any means and one of their biggest flaws was the want and need to help others to the point they risked their own self.

Cara was the kind of heroine you wish you could be, she was a fantastic character creation with just the right balance of 'go get 'em' attitude mixed in with the ability to have a real fear of the evil the dealers of light had to fight in order to save mankind. I completely fell in love with Rolf, who wouldn't! I could picture him so vividly with the way he was described, somewhat brooding, yet sensitive and warring with an inner turmoil that kept him from wanting to get too close to Cara at the same time longing for that companionship he'd lost so long ago.

Lara Nance is a wonderful writer with the ability to give her readers exactly what they want, the characters are so real that you find yourself believing in the unbelievable. A really great read worthy of your time. I give it 4.5 Ravens!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud / http://www.greatmindsliterarycommunity.moonfruit.com/

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