_Book Title: "Deadly"
Author: Julie Chibbaro
Published By: Antheneum Books For Young Readers
Age Recommended: 13 +
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5

Review: I wouldn't call myself a history buff but I must say there have been many times over the course of my life that I have heard about 'Typhoid Mary' and the story about her. In the early to mid 1900's the spread of disease was the one thing that was prominent in the United States. With immigration at its prime and so many different people entering the country you could never be sure what would come along with them. Even the boats that carried them to our shores were often infested with rats that carried disease as well and many of those rats began to colonize here in America during this time. The story "Deadly" by Julie Chibbaro highlights the path of Mary Mallon an Irish immigrant that gained employment in many of the wealthiest households in America during this time.

Through the journal entries of Prudence Galewski, we learn much about the mystery surrounding this woman and how even in its infancy the department of sanitation had a hard time pinpointing the reasons behind so much illness and often times death in the case of Typhoid Fever. The journey throughout this book is one that will not only make you think about how technology has changed so much today, but how some people can be carriers and not even realize it due to the fact they never get sick from disease themselves. Science is an amazing thing and there will never be a time when it will not surprise us.

I love history, anything to do with any type of history always profoundly amazes me and draws me in and I have to say this book was not an exception. Julie Chibbaro writes with intelligence and the evidence of her extensive research on these times and the content of her book is prominent. I enjoyed this book not only for its profound historical background but for the story itself and how well she portrayed the characters, their emotions and feelings and her ability to draw the reader into that time period allowing them to see first-hand just what it was like living in a world that was still so very new. Prudence Galewski's amazement and wonder at the world of science and disease is catching. She is by far one of the most amazing character creations I have come across in any books so far and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her thoughts on society, disease, science and everything she came across. This young woman was one that believed in keeping her eyes wide open and learning all she could about the importance of sanitation and the need to control the spread of disease for the sake of the people.

I definitely think Julie Chibbaro is a fantastic writer and I long to read more of her work. Her book "Redemption" is going to be added to my must-read collection and I hope others will take the opportunity to read "Deadly" as well. It matters not if you are a lover of history, you will find a new excitement for the subject simply by reading this book!

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