_A few of our authors obligingly compiled their own short "Coming of Age" stories. Below are the stories of four of our donating authors for the "COMING OF AGE" NEW YEARS GIVEAWAY!


Funny you should ask that question, as I DO have an awesome coming-of-age story for you!

In fact, it was so intriguing I wrote a whole book about it! It's approximately 281 pages, entitled 'The Gifted Ones', and is one of the selections up for grabs in this month's give-away!

Believe me, I would LOVE to elaborate more on my unusual journey, but don't want to be a spoiler for future readers...so I'll just leave you with a little 'teaser' that is on the back cover:

Have you ever been so in love that your daily breath depended upon another?

Have you ever been pushed to unfathomable limits to defend your beliefs?

Have you ever been made to feel like the underbelly of society?
Have you ever been thirteen?

Well I have...and this is my story.

Set in 1976, amongst the cornfields of the midwest, in a Catholic based upbringing, unfolds the rollercoaster story of two determinded teenagers, in a full fledged, fight for your life adult existence - fueled by an overpowering mother and a closed-minded society....all in the name of L-O-V-E

If you love a juicy underdog story that is entertaining as well as enlightening, you will certainly relate to my story. Laugh, cry, feel, and heal along with me as I find my way through this tangled web we call adolescence...and life. Be prepared, the ending may surprise you.


Available in paperback, kindle & all ebook versions~All links found on my blog page.


I was the freak dressed in vintage clothes with purple hair and black hair and an attitude in the back of the room reading The Complete Works of Shakespeare or writing angst-induced poetry.

Kathleen S.Allen


You could say I was your average teenager, I was the one who threw the parties when my parents were away, the a-typical cheerleader who was friends with everyone, the girl who got asked out, but never by the boy she wanted. I don't think anyone can hear the term coming of age and not think 'first love.' It's every humans rite of passage. I thought my first love was in high school, we were pretty crazy about each other, but as time went on I met other guys that I had the same affection for, and like with the guy in high school, as soon as commitment was on the table, I split. Until, I met someone who actually changed my life. I can remember thinking, if this guy would just like me back, (we were friends first) I could be happy for the rest of my life. Heavy. At least for me, since the thought of marriage paralyzed me. But I lucked out, he did like me back and after 8 years of dating (I told you, marriage petrified me) we made it official.

It was during those eight years that I really came understand what went into a relationship; compromise, support, understanding-friendship. My typical self would have bolted after compromise.

So where’s the coming of age part? The realization that there was more than just me in a relationship. He was the first one who ever made me want to work for it. So no, my first (real) love didn’t come at seventeen, it came at twenty-one, but it still had the same lasting effect



I don't have a 'coming of age' story, per se. At least, I can't think of one. Lately though, I've been reminiscing about my first boyfriend. Please don't tell my husband.

During high school, I was a bit too standoffish to date. It wasn't until just before my 17th birthday (after graduation) that I found my first boyfriend. I started dating him in July while visiting my dad for the summer. I didn't expect the relationship to last forever. The guy was just someone to pass the time with. Gosh, he was such a gentleman.

One evening, I was eating dinner at a restaurant with my family sans la boyfriend. In the quiet, I reflected on my summer vacation. My visit was coming to an end. I'd joined the army and was scheduled to ship out in a few weeks. I wondered about a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. Would we meet up again once I received my permanent duty station?

Out of nowhere, it hit me. I loved him. I didn't mean to love him; I didn't want to love him, but somehow I'd fallen in love without even being aware.

Since then, I've loved other boyfriends, my husband, but I've never fallen in love so unexpectedly again.

Reena Jacobs - Author of Lots of Words

Their duty is to protect us.
We've trusted them to do so.
When they betray that trust,
Who protects us from them?

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