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The House in Windward Leaves begins Halloween night but the fantasy world is one of harvest and the children there have the gift of becoming their costumes. After the first chapters, it’s a book for any time of the year while the kids adventure in their costume identities.

Do you still have any of the toys you got when you were a kid?

The only toys that remained for me from childhood were books. Yet many disappeared over the years. As a used book dealer, I love to find the books from childhood, especially vintage editions of Grimm, Hans Brinker, Black Beauty, Pooh, Dr. Dolittle, and other memorable but less classic stories. I find a lost book and have it for someone who misses it.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

One of my favorite activities at Christmas time is touring the front yard decorations in town. From childhood, this was a magical drive, usually done after a fresh snowfall, and to this day, it’s delightful to see the lights and the yard ornaments. Here in Duluth, they have a competition for the best front yard display and there are dazzling sights!

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I began to write children’s novels after winning The Loft’s Children’s Literature Prize. In 2010, my historical novel The Swan Bonnet reached the HarperCollins Editor’s Desk at Authonomy.com. This year, I’ve won the Prize Americana for Fiction for a short story collection. I live in Duluth, Minnesota.

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