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The Good Servant and a unpublished book titled Buzz Words which are both part of the Good Servant series that will be released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. The Good Servant was just released and Buzz Words is the fifth in the series. I thought I'd get a jump on telling everyone just how fabulous Buzz Words and I really are. All should note just how humble I am as they think about that last statement.

The Good Servant was written as an act of revenge against my wife and daughter. Over the years they've asked me about Vietnam and some of the alleged crimes my mother has accused me of, crimes which for the most part I'll add I may or may not be guilty of depending on your point of view.

My daughter is an English teacher, I also write in an effort to show her students the humiliating background she came from, it's always good to embarrass your children when you get old, it teaches them about revenge served cold.

The Good Servant is about a man's life and an effort to help answer some of the questions he'd been asked by his wife and children over the years. Questions that at the time he either wouldn't, couldn't or didn't see the need to respond too when they were asked. He tries to explain(that normally means justify for most of you) how past events molded him into the type of man he became.

Buzz Words was written as an attempt to survive. I've retired three times if you count social security. Once from the Marines and once from the State Police where I worked as a forensic photographer and video analysts.

After I retired the second time I was bored. I did buy a very small computer system, did intend to do some work for a few of the smaller departments in the area and it did get just a tad out of hand. My lovely, ever understanding and mostly gentle wife felt just a little differently than I about these facts.

She felt I should have discussed any ever so small purchase I may or may not have remembered to tell her about first and that I intended to work myself to death. It was also suggested that I should consider how our home would look after the crime scene guys got done with it. I decided that I really didn't want to work anymore. But I did have the foundation for a book about a family of serial murders.

I tried to give an inside look at an investigation. I'm tired of reading about lone wolf investigators who solve everything off the cuff or with notes from their underwear. It takes a lot of well coordinated efforts by many skill sets to solve a crime. It also takes hours of grinding research done by dedicated men and women working in and around law enforcement. That's the story I wanted to tell.

Buzz Words hasn't been through the editing process, so you have the chance to see all the warts before the editor saves the day.

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season and what does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is family, fellowship and reflection on the gifts God has bestowed to all of us. Take the time to reflect on those gifts of family given by God and you might discover that you also have a Wonderful Life.

What is your favorite holiday memory?

There are two that I cherish.

My father was a World War II veteran, he showed his love for family in a thousand ways, but rarely said much more than I love you boy to any of his sons. Christmas day on my first tour in Vietnam we were lucky enough to receive mail. I got a letter from him that has meant more to me than any gift he 'd given me before or since. He wrote about just how proud and how much he loved me.

After the bombing in Beirut, it didn't look like I'd make it home for Christmas that year either. My daughter and wife sent me a letter which I still carry in my wallet next to my fathers.

Do you still have any of the toys you got when you were a kid?

No, I was a parents delight as a child. It didn't matter to me whether the toy was supposed to be taken apart or not, at some point I dismantled them just to see how they worked.

Sometimes I even managed to get most of the toy back in one almost working piece.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

By following the example my parents set for me as a child.

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

Of course I do and you should see my Christmas wish list, by the way would any of you like a copy? I even tell folks just which bike shop has the color I want for item five.

A lot of people get that warm, fuzzy feeling around this time of year, are you one of those people?

No, I stopped drinking after I turned twenty-one, it just wasn't as much fun. Oh that's not the warm fuzzy feeling you meant?

Christmas is about love, why should we only take the time to enjoy that love at Christmas or on birthdays?

Have you ever gone caroling or wanted to?

Like I said, I gave up drinking a life time ago. That question will tell everyone who has ever heard me sing that you really don't know me.

If you had a choice of the perfect weather for Christmas would it be cold and snowy, or warm and sunny?

Does it really matter? If you're surrounded by the people who really mean something to you, why should you care about weather. But if certain people would check item forty-one on my wish list for this year, they'll note that heated riding leather would negate the affects of cold winter days.

I'll remind them that it was item forty-one last year also, as a matter of fact for a number of years. You can hide socks with Santa's smiling face all over them in your riding boots, but please let's get real here: poker money, cigarettes or riding leather are always useful. I don't need another cute tie or anymore neat socks that will cause me to suspect certain people are serving me cold revenge.

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I can be found on face book and at Gypsy Shadow Publishing's web site. If you want to chat with me go to face book. I'll be glad to hear from you, but keep in mind my Mom is still(a blessing from God) with us. Her memory is superb(sometimes a curse), so I may or may not answer some of your questions. Also for the record I may in some very trifling way, but mostly may not be responsible for the small affair involving the destruction of the Smoke House and its contents. Love you Mom.

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