Book Title:"Bullheaded Black Remembers, Alexander"
Author:J.L. Taylor
Published By:Trafford Publishing, Inc.
Age Recommended:14 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5

Review:Roman history has always been interesting and exciting for me, though I have to say, J.L. Taylor has succeeded in making me enjoy it all the more. His tale incorporates one of the most beloved Greek Myths, Pegasus the winged horse; as he shares an adventure and much interesting conversation with Bullheaded Black.

Bullheaded Black is the horse that once belonged to Alexander the Great. Now having ended his time on Earth he has ascended to the Heavens where he and Pegasus being to argue over religion, racism, and just about everything else, while bringing to life the amazing past of our ancestors and how it all began.

I found this book both interesting and intriguing. If you like history, especially Roman history you may definitely enjoy this book.

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